Yoga and Pilates

Mermaid on Pilates Reformer. New orleans, 2016. Photo: Madeleine Rose for Romney Studios.
Mermaid on Pilates Reformer. New Orleans, 2016. Photo: Madeleine Rose for Romney Studios.

Melanie Buffett is a Yoga and Pilates teacher serving clients since 2001.

Melanie’s approach to movement  stems from her certainty that there is no ‘one size fits all’ program for achieving optimal health. Her specialty is helping clients reform and implement realistic movement habits and breathing awareness into complex and busy lives to create balance, heightened energy flow, and optimal experience of embodiment.   With her broad spectrum of yoga and fitness expertise and her personal success story, Melanie’s highest aim in serving clients is to personalize a plan for each individual to help them feel better and lighter ~ ultimately to enjoy body, breath, and life more fully.

Find Melanie’s  schedule of Pilates and Movement classes in New Orleans at

Her fitness and movement credentials include:Founder Yoga Birds Teacher Training RYS200
Yoga Alliance ERYT500 (Specialties: Alignment, Restorative, Flow)
Power Pilates 600 Hour Comprehensive Classical Pilates Certification
Foam Roller
Fletcher Pilates Licensed Towelwork, Floorwork, Barre
Lagree Fitness Megaformer Certification
Spinning Certification
Cooper Institute Weight Management Leadership Certification


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