Yoga For Weight Loss

Feeling great and grateful at 40.
Feeling great and grateful at 40.

Yoga For Healthy Weight Loss & Management

My Weight Loss Success Story:

Early in my 24th year I embarked on another diet and exercise program to yet again fight to lose the 80+ excess pounds that plagued me for most of my childhood, teens, and 20’s. Having tried every diet and exercise fad under the sun, I lost and gained  weight over and over. My self esteem was at an all time low.  Mercifully, I had the will to try again. The difference this time was that I had recently discovered and fallen in love with yoga. Less than a year later by the time my 25th birthday rolled around I lost 80 pounds. That was 15 years ago.  Last year I turned 40. As I sit here writing, I am at my ideal weight, wearing my favorite 12 year old jeans. Most importantly I am comfortably content with my body.   I have sustained a relatively peaceful self image and maintained the weight loss naturally. I attribute my success to a consistent yoga practice and weaving principles of the practice into my daily routine.  I have dedicated my life to sharing yoga with as many people as will listen, practice, and ‘put up’ with me.

The benefits of a yoga practice are many – skillful breathing, stress reduction, physical tone, balance, stamina and increased energy are just a few. The crown jewels of the practice are peace and mindfulness. All of the benefits of yoga and especially the increase in awareness have helped me to honor my body as well as modify and manage the behaviors that contribute to my susceptibility to fast and easy weight gain.

If you are suffering the merry-go-round of weight loss and weight gain, yoga can be the catalyst for a positive shift in behaviors. Yoga can provide the energy and mindful awareness to lose the weight once and for always. Having been through it, and maintained the weight loss I would love to help you do this!

In Yoga For Healthy Weight Management Private Consultation Sessions, we:

  • Develop an Individualized Wellness Program
  • Find The Right Yoga For You
  • Explore Healthy Eating For You
  • Define Realistic Weight Loss Expectations
  • Track Process & Progress
  • Learn to Love Cardiovascular Fitness. It is possible!
  • Learn & Practice ‘Vibrant Relaxation’ Techniques
  • Learn & Practice ‘Conscious Breathing’ Techniques
  • Explore Behavior Modification Tools & Techniques
  • How To Eat Out and Shop For Food in The ‘Real’ World
  • Conquer Mindless Eating


Email or call 251-990-3447 to book your sessions.

1 Session $75  PURCHASE HERE

3 Sessions $200 (expires 3 months from purchase)  PURCHASE HERE

12 Sessions $750 (expires 1 year from purchase)  PURCHASE HERE

All Sessions 75 minutes each.

If you’re not local, sessions are available via Skype, Facetime, or Telephone.


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