Workshop with Anusara Certified Instructor Catherine McCarthy

Catherine “Cat” McCarthy
Catherine “Cat” McCarthy

In the Wake of Katrina: ANUSARA 101

To commemorate the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, we have the chance to reflect on all that has transpired over the past 4 years. Anusara means to be “in the flow of grace,” like being drawn in the wake of any meaningful path. The key to staying resilient lies in the ability of remaining open and actively receptive, especially when one’s life is turned upside down. So when we align ourselves on that path, our intentions are carried along with the support of something bigger, co-creating our journey with more empowerment and freedom.

Anusara Yoga is a unique, therapeutic style of Hatha Yoga in which the artistic expression of the human heart blends harmoniously with the scientific principles of body biomechanics. Anusara is heart-oriented, inspiring and yet grounded in physical and energetic alignment, for both the inner and outer body. These weekend workshops include an in-depth exploration of the foundation of Anusara Yoga with the Universal Principles of Alignment and the triad of the heart, mind and body.

How we choose to participate in life all starts with our attitude. By looking for the good, we can alchemize any situation into something positive and beneficial. With an open mind and playful asana practice, the heart can unfurl and soften, leading us to the new and unexpected. Within the confines of optimal alignment, we will learn how to make every pose an authentic expression of ourselves, from the inside out. In the wake of Katrina, allow your radiant heart to lead the way.

  • Fri 6-8pm: Eye of the Tigress (advanced level)- Challenge yourself while playing your edge safely and develop more strength, flexibility, and joy. $25 pre-register / $30 day of
  • Sat 1-4pm: Heart-opening Backbends and Inversions (mixed level) $35  / $40
  • Sun 1-4pm: Hip-openers and Arm Balances (mixed level) $35  / $40
  • Mon 6-8pm: Monday Night Twister Playshop (mixed level)- Enjoy the cleansing aspects of twists in a plethora of poses. $25  / $30

About Cat
Catherine McCarthy is a Certified Anusara Yoga® Instructor who balances her time between her hometown of New Orleans and New York City. Her love of yoga and her playful approach makes learning accessible and fun for all. Through the transformative and therapeutic technology of Anusara Yoga, Catherine encourages students to radically affirm their vast potential with strong bodies, open hearts and curious minds. Inspired daily by her students and over the years by her teachers Anusara Yoga founder John Friend, Amy Ippoliti, Elena Brower, and Rajanaka philosophy scholar Dr. Douglas Brooks, Catherine is thrilled to share all that she has learned both on and off the mat.

Cat’s workshop series is available as a 4-class package for $120. Or purchase each class a la carte. There is limited space. Pre-registration is recommended.


Special $108 Pricing if Your Register for All 4 Classes Before August 10, 2009.

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