Thank You God For Egg Nog And Yoga

The first candle was lit on the Advent wreath yesterday in mass. I love the purple and pink candles against the dark greens. Thinking about it makes me calm… Of which I need frequent gulps right now.  All of a sudden in a mere few weeks my world is stormy seas like I haven’t felt for years. Challenges abound  in all directions of completely different qualities and ingredients. Maybe its just plain old stereo-typical holiday frenzy turned uber-stress. Maybe it’s the buzz (valid or not so) about the end of the Mayan calendar. Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis. Yeah, I’m that old now.  Which is why I have some good tools for this season of challenge. 
To find stillness amidst the places and times of confusion, anxiety, and over-whelm is a gleaming  gift of a consistent yoga practice. Sometimes so much hard stuff happens at once, it is understandable why people break down—get sick, get depressed, give up on intentions, or give up in general. I  believe that now would be one of those times for me but for my yoga practice and the immediate clarity it provides. The efficiency of entering the yoga zone is my pillar right now. My practice is keeping my spirits high, and my awareness tuned to the knowing that there is always Light. And I do believe that with the tasty treat of egg nog in my afternoon coffee, things are already looking up. PEACE JOY & LET THE HOLiDAZE BEGIN. OM SHANTi