Tai Chi Workshop

Join us for a two hour introductory Tai Chi workshop!  We will begin with a brief history of the art as well as covering the benefits of regular Tai Chi practice and its similarities with Yoga.  After covering a few basic body mechanics we will learn the Yin Tai Chi kata, a fundamental, 24 posture form that incorporates movement, meditation, and awareness.

Brian Decker has been practicing Tai Chi over 10 years. He began taking classes in Kentucky at the Sin The’ Gym and studying Shaolin-do, the classical Chinese martial arts system, under Grand Master Sin Kwang The’s senior student, Elder Master Bill Leonard.  Upon earning the rank of 1st degree black belt, Tai Chi became part of the required curriculum for further progression, and he spent the next several years slowly incorporating Tai Chi into his training.  After relocating from Lexington in June 2011, Brian came to Yoga Birds and has been exploring the wonderful world of Yoga ever since. $15