This one goes out to Mr. Jaye Martin who graced us in Point Clear with his elegant and eloquent teachings of Anusara yoga. Vasisthasana has taken on new meaning from the inside-out. Jaye  took us to new heights and rocked us in Savasana with his Bird Song. Thanks Jaye! We look forward to your next visit here.

 For a detailed description of Vasisthasana and step-by step instructions on how to safely get into an appropriate variation of the pose for your level of practice please consult the following article at

Stay tuned for more fun yoga blogging. Namaste!


Get Up Stand Up

Once again, consistent practice negates a ‘never’. As in i’m never gonna be able to do that.

I dropped back into a back bend. So what now

So now you see the light… Get Up Stand Up.


Keeping Kula in Alabama

Have been lucky to study with two Certified Anusara teachers in Point Clear the last couple of weeks. Cheryl Catranbone and Scotta Brady visited. It is fascinating to watch the transformation of Self awareness by assimilating into my practice, the valuable information that they shared. I am experiencing core awareness and internal locks with  deeper knowledge than before. Jumpings and full arm balance are beginning to take flight.   My chest feels lighter, easier to lift up to the sky. Most profound is the awakened awareness of the psoas–seemingly the gateway to ananda. Many thanks to the Ladies for making the trip to Point Clear. I bow.

Teacher Training Graduation