The Yoga Is Everything

Barre Handstand. New Orleans, 2016.  Photo: MBuffett
Barre Handstand. New Orleans, 2016. Photo: Madeleine Rose at Romney Pilates.

Yoga is an umbrella term that encompasses states of mind, body, and being. It’s a lifestyle and a practice. It’s a goal and a means to the goal.

The word ‘yoga’ means union. When we are unified in body, mind, and breath we are in the here and now. For me, this sustained, present-moment awareness is the ultimate goal of any fitness endeavor ¬†whether it be power yoga, foam rolling, pilates, Megaformer, cycling, jogging…
So when people ask me if I teach yoga anymore, I say … Yes! The yoga is Everything! Peace of mind, body, movement, and breath.
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