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Ahimsa - Do No Harm T-Shirt
Ahimsa - Do No Harm T-Shirt

On the path of yoga there are five universal moral and ethical disciplines transcending creeds, countries, age, and time. The first of these is Ahimsa which expresses the sacredness of all living creatures and urging the avoidance of harm and violence.

Buy the new ‘Ahimsa / do no harm’ t-shirt at Yoga Birds. The shirt is manufactured by the socially conscious company EdunLive founded by Bono of U2 to help increase trade and long-term employment in Sub-Saharan Africa.

The Ahimsa shirt is 100% organic cotton and the design is of a water based ink. From start to finish the production of this shirt embodies the message of doing no harm, practicing Ahimsa. Show the world that you are a conscious human and encourage others to learn and practice this great discipline…Ahimsa. Do no harm.

Comes in Black and White. Available on the on-line store.

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Therapeutic Yoga Workshop

Experience the healing power of Therapeutic Yoga in this special workshop led by Julie Wilkins, OTR and Melanie Buffett, RYT. Participants will learn:

  • Common areas in the body susceptible to injury from overuse, poor body mechanics and age or disease related musculoskeletal changes
  • How to use yoga to improve postural strength, endurance, flexibility and balance
  • Using yoga to prevent injury or reinjury
  • The use of breath work and simple meditation to accelerate healing and aid in recovery

This workshop will include gentle yoga sequences and breath awareness training and will conclude with a soothing and relaxing restorative yoga practice using props such as bolsters, blankets and straps for a sustained and supportive yoga practice. Appropriate for all levels.

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Women’s Business Center Award

2009 Women's Business Center Gala
2009 Women's Business Center Gala

Yoga Birds is very proud and honored to be receiving an award at the Women’s Business Center’s Fifteenth Anniversary Gala on April 23, 2009.  The event will take place at Mobile’s Renaissance Riverview Plaza Hotel from 5:30 p.m.-9 p.m.

The keynote address will be given by Katie White, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine and the best selling author of titles such as 9 Secrets of Women Who Get Everything They Want.

This award is presented to regional women who improve their lives primarily through entrepreneurship.  We are thrilled, and are really looking forward to meeting Ms. White.  Many thanks to the Women’s Business Center.

The Spin Den

Spin Yoga is a one-on-one private session offered exclusively by Melanie Buffett. Melanie has been a certified Spinning instructor since 2004 and is a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Instructor.

Combining Spinning (indoor cycling) and Yoga is  evolutionary in bringing the BODY, MIND, HEART, and SPIRIT together in a fitness workout. Come explore this 75-minute holistic cardio workout that brings all the aspects of being (BODY, MIND, HEART, SPIRIT) into focus to experience your unique Peak Performance.

We begin with 15 minutes of opening stretches and Sun Salutations, a yoga flow focused on energizing the muscles, lubricating and warming the joint structures, and bringing awareness to the mind/body connection. Following is a 45 minute indoor cycling journey set to rhythmic, exotic, world and instrumental music.

During the Spinning ride, personalized attention is paid to maintaining good, strong form drawing into and emanating out from the abdominal core, revitalizing energy centers, using visualization techniques, and breathing patterns. We use a heart rate monitor for biofeedback to keep physical exertion efficient in order to achieve the optimal state of Peak Performance before cooling down properly on the bike.

Releasing negative energy, detoxifying the body, and awakening higher energy fields are key aspects in achieving Peak Performance. It’s totally exhilarating!  A 15 minute yoga sequence follows the cycling. To counterbalance the ‘shape’ of the ride, we stretch and lengthen the quadriceps muscles, open the front of the chest with gentle backbends, and invite a few moments of stillness with a relaxation pose.

In only 75 minutes you can bring the body, mind, heart, and spirit to a harmonious, balanced state- ready to re-enter the world in a more light, graceful, productive, and creative way.

Spin Yoga Combo is held in the new Spin Den at Yoga Birds. This room is designed especially for the unique style of riding that encourages introspection, builds endurance, and facilitates weight loss.

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