Oil Change Light

The Oil Change light has been illuminating in my car for a couple of weeks. Everytime I get into the car it dings and lights up because apparently I need another reminder of OIL, my dependence on it, and therefore my little contribution to the enormous calamity in our Gulf. Everytime I pump gas I think about the birds, the fish, the beaches, the businesses…that are dying, partially by my own hand and my flagrant use of the oil. I know it sounds dramatic but it’s true. I drive 3 scenic miles to work everyday—sometimes two or three times. I drive anywhere and everywhere without the slightest thought of the impact my car and my lifestyle have on the resources of this beautiful planet—at least I used to. In my efforts to be a mindful, responsible citizen of the Earth and steward of the Mighty Gulf Coast, I must make changes in my oil consumption habits and awareness. Today I am picking up my old college mountain bike from Fairhope’s new bike shop. I have had it tuned-up and outfitted with a rack and saddle bags so that I can start riding my bike as often as I can as a means of transportation. Because I live in a town where it’s possible, and I am of sound body and mind to do it I really have no excuses. Not everyone is so blessed with this opportunity. But we must all do our parts by making conscious choices and taking skillful actions in whatever ways we can that are manageable and within our unique life circumstances, right? OK. So please join me and ask yourself how you might make a transition in lifestyle that could help The Gulf and well really The One Ocean. One Love One Ocean y’all! We’re all in this together. PEACE!!