Free To Be

1 part each: Oregon Chai Tea, Almond milk. 1 TSP Chai Spice (optional). Pour over ice.
Vegan Iced Chai Latte. YUM OM
It has been an excellent Firecracker Day. We had a completely full house this morning for the July 4th special flow class. The opening 34-voice OMx3 was super rich and resonant. Total chills just thinking about it. The studio is CHARGED with great energy! 
The chai tea party after class could not have been more pleasant. We hung out for almost an hour in the newly spruced up ‘bamboo’ picnic area behind the studio. The blooming hibiscus and shade of the giant live oak tree are a perfect ‘apres yoga’ gathering place.
So, you might notice on the online class schedule that the name of my classes has been updated to ‘Flow & Form’. Lately I have been teaching a lot more flow in my classes. We still definitely keep good form and alignment in sharp focus. But weaving vinyasa through it has become more fun and interesting than ever.  Hence the new name.
Since I have the honor of teaching four mornings this week (which is a lot of teaching), I am offering basically the same class sequence every day, with a different theme and music playlist. Yesterday was ‘The Mountain’. Today was ‘Free Your Breath’ and tomorrow is ‘Ocean of the Heart’.  Saturday morning will be …well I haven’t gotten that far yet ;). The class is based liberally on the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa which is designed essentially to be an everyday (with a few exceptions) practice. Now, when I say liberal, I mean it! I’m having great fun mining my 30 year old record collection for gems and also indulging in some birthday iTunes gift cards for new music to rock out the vinyasas to.  
I am totally loving everybody’s singing along with the support of the harmonium to open and close the classes.  The vibration is wonderful and it really ‘marks’ the class as something special.
Things are changing, shifting, taking new form and shape. It’s beautifully and appropriately Flowing with Form. ‘In yoga as in life’, as my friend Augusta Kantra says.
We Are Blessed To Be Free
I wore my FREE TIBET shirt today. Our class was dedicated to all who are not free. We are incredibly fortunate to live and breathe in Fairhope Alabama USA, aka Eden.
I am grateful to my yoga practice for helping me stay present to the blessing of every breath here and now. I am grateful for challenge, for I will never be without a teacher. 
Here’s a challenge for you….come to as many yoga classes as possible this Summer. And watch it shift and change your body, your breath, and your life towards vibrant awareness, skill in action, and deep contentment. Keep on rockin’ yoga in the Free World.