Yoga is For The Dogs

Last Saturday at Yoga Birds, Yoga Day USA was to benefit The Haven, a no-kill, adoption guarantee shelter in Fairhope, AL. It was a great success. We raised over $1300 for the shelter. It was way more than I expected to raise. Goes to show I need to expand my expectations! Upon delivering the donation to the shelter, I was introduced to Reggie, a Baldwin County stray who has been at The Haven since November. My husband Burke and I signed the adoption papers today and now we have a new pet! Reggie is the perfect companion for our other Haven ‘graduate’ Bear. Everyone says how lucky the dogs are to become adopted. I feel it’s the other way around. The dogs are so ‘in the moment’, and they evoke amazing heart qualities. I may feed and house them, but these pups take care of me! They teach me the Yoga of compassion, patience, unconditional love and total devotion. What gifts!

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