Heart ❤ Space

Yesterday was kind of perfect! I arrived at work early to practice the progressive sequence to Eka Pada Galavasana (an arm balance pose aka flying pigeon or flying crow), which I taught again in the 9:15am class. Some people are into it and a few aren’t. One person arrived to class unaware that the schedule had changed, expecting a different teacher and class. She made a slightly rude comment that could be construed as unnecessary and kind of hurtful. But she was totally unaware. So instead of being all defensive and hurt, I took her abrasiveness as a learning experience. Ahhhh, the yoga it is always teaching me. Once again everyone worked with heightened inner-strength and focus that is just beautiful to watch.

After Anusara-Inspired class, I taught Restorative yoga which is always a joy. It was especially nice yesterday as my mom and sister showed up for class. I planned the class in honor of my sis who is expecting twins in December. Restorative yoga is an utterly relaxing and refreshing and cooling experience that can easily be modified for pregnancy. In honor of my sister and the two bambinos growing (and fighting for space in her belly—literally the boy has already ‘punched’ the girl in utero), the theme of yesterday’s class was about creating space through becoming still and observing the breath. Creating more space and openings internally for more breath and prana to move through our bodies can be a daily activity to enhance our experience of living. When we connect with the source of our inner spaciousness and clarity, we start expressing ourselves outwardly with a sense of expanding freedom, openness, and transparency—communication straight from the heart. And I really wouldn’t want it any other way.❤❤

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