Elevating Experience

The Teacher Training students are just amazing! Yesterday we did a super-charged 3-hour practice progressively leading up to Eka Pada Galavasana. We were all completely drenched and it was wonderful! I am grateful, and impressed with the level of attention and dedication everybody brought to the table. I now realize that if it is my intention to raise the bar on the quality of yoga teaching in this area, then I am going to have to raise the bar on MY teaching! It is all a pulsation, right? I am so grateful for my teachers and consistent dedication to training on the Anusara path. I feel like the work I am doing as a dedicated student of Anusara IS making me a better, stronger, more clear instructor of yoga asana. And the Anusara method is just brilliant. The Universal Principles of Alignment that John Friend codified make even the most complex of poses more manageable and accessible. And although this Yoga Birds Teacher Training is definitely not an Anusara Teacher Training, the Asana Techniques part of the training is certainly heavily influenced by John Friend’s method.

This past week, was the first week of the new Fall schedule at Yoga Birds where I was able to name my classes Anusara-Inspired® Yoga (previously named Align & Flow). On the new schedule, I will be teaching the same class three times per week- Tuesday 9:15am, Wednesday 6:15pm, and Thursday 9:15am. Each of these sessions will be the same progressive sequence leading up to a pinnacle pose on the Level 2 Anusara Syllabus (poster is hanging in the studio). The pinnacle pose is meant to be a complex situation, and the progressive sequence leading up to it will break the challenge down into manageable, component parts and poses. By offering the same class 3 times, it is my hope that the folks who are interested in advancing in understanding and practice of STRONG, STABLE, and EXUBERANTLY JOYFUL asana will come and partake. (Next week we will foray into Eka Pada Urdhva Dhanurasana territory.) This teaching method is a great way to serve folks who want to advance in their asana practice. Of course its REALLY important that students have a confident understanding of the foundations of yoga asana and good relationships with their bodies before embarking on advanced asana. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have to share my love of yoga with the Lower Alabama community and I am utterly nourished daily by the Namastes that I receive in return. Namaste Y’all!

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