One Big Om

The mindfulness meditation sessions at Yoga Birds this week have used sound and hearing as the primary objects of attention. It’s a simple yet profound technique of sustaining awareness on the soundscape around you. It is no surprise that most of us lose a connection with sounds of the present moment to the volume of inner-mind noise. Just awakening my awareness to the ‘sounds of silence’ …the hum of the fridge, the chirping crickets, the car passing outside my window…all bring me back to a presence of this seat, this moment, this breath. My usual whirling (or more like howling) mind ceases. I feel infinitely spacious and light. A unique, contented, restful quality descends upon me that is akin only to sitting meditation. I want to practice this state of awareness as much as possible so that I might learn to LIVE with this spaciousness all (or I would even settle for most) of the time. It is just so wonderful. Come sit with me!

I am still reading and enjoying and being guided by the wisdom in Ruiz’ The Four Agreements. After meditation today I took pen to paper and jotted down the following…

Be Impeccable with your word. = Truth.

Don’t make assumptions. = Reality.

Don’t take things personally. = Compassion.

Always do your best. = Action.

Truth (Satya). Reality (Tattva). Compassion (Karuna.). Action (Karma.).


I think I have found my Mantra! Whoa. Life is BIG! OM!

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