Leaving hOMe Today

Yesterday my students gave me a sweet send off. Then after scurrying all day doing last minute prep for the trip, I was grateful to be able to attend Grace’s strong vinyasa practice at the studio. I needed it. I am blessed to be a yoga student and a yoga teacher in Fairhope. I love Yoga Birds and I am proud of what is has become and what is yet to come. I have so many new friends through yoga. And really this is what its all about. Grace talked last night about ‘plugging in’ to our bodies (physically and mentally). And that when we do this, we inevitably become more aware of everything around us, ultimately reconnect with our innate compassion, and then all of our actions reflect that. Did I mention that I LOVE yoga and being a yoga student? I feel prepared in body mind and spirit for this journey to to the ‘Motherland’. I offer a huge thanks to everyone who is supporting me in making it a reality. All Love, Melanie
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