Wardrobe Diet 2013

Skimming Excess in 2013

A constant mountain of excessive laundry and an out of control closet drove me to a most fabulous ‘challenge’ that I have taken on for at least this 1st month of 2013. On New Year’s Eve I packed two huge suitcases, and a wardrobe box full of my clothes and put them ‘away’. I can not believe how many pounds of clothing I have.   3 days in and already the ’15/30 Wardrobe Capsule Program’ has lightened my load in more ways than laundry.

Here’s an excerpt form the Redress Website that outlines the program:

The ”15/30 The Capsule Wardrobe Project” challenges you to wear only 15 items of clothes for 30 days in an attempt to promote conscious wardrobe management and clothing waste reduction to consumers.We’re loving the challenge as this is a mission close to our own hearts to reduce waste from the fashion industry. Post-consumer textile waste, including secondhand clothes, is high in Hong Kong with 234 tonnes of textile waste entering our landfills on average every day. Globally, we consume 60% more clothes than we did 10 years ago and still people say that have ‘nothing to wear’.We love the ”15/30 The Capsule Wardrobe Project” because it reminds us to strip back our wardrobes to what we need and cherish and to redefine the true value that we find in our clothes.

Here are the rules and we urge you to get involved!You can wear:

Any 15 pieces form your wardrobe for 30 days
Accessories (incl. hats, scarves) /gym clothes/pyjamas/socks are NOT included in the 15 pieces
No shopping for 1 month
DIY on the existing 15 pieces is permitted
Be creative! Have fun!

If you do go crazy and do some wardrobe clearance, remember to recycle your unwanted clothing in clothing recycling banks. For Hong Kongers, check out your nearest clothes recycling bank here.

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