LFYB Episode 4

This is an All Levels Foundations of Yoga class recorded live at Yoga Birds. In this episode, we awaken muscles and energy in our legs and core to help us stand up lightly in places like the local Post Office. Enjoy. Namaste!

LFYB Episode 2

This podcast episode is a 20 minute sequence edited from a class at Yoga BIrds. It is perfect for someone who was sitting at a desk all day or driving. Unwind and decompress your spine. Transition from a busy stressful day to a mellow relaxing evening.

It is also a relaxing way to prepare for a cardio workout.

Starts in Table Top Pose. Ends in Child’s Pose.

LFYB Episode 1

Practice a Yoga Birds mini-class at home. Tune into this first of many “Live From Yoga Birds” recorded classes. This podcast is a 15-minute sample of what we’re doing at the studio. If you can’t make it to a live class and you’re craving your yogic vibe or if you’re simply curious about a Yoga Birds class, this podcast is for you. So, take a comfortable seat on the floor and let the yoga begin! Send me your feedback and join the Yoga Birds group on Facebook. Namaste and Peace be With You!