Elephant Love

Feb 20
We seem to go non-stop. This is an amazing vacation but not relaxing! India is not for the faint of heart. Today we visit an incredible fort that was the home of a rajasthani’s harem. It’s a nice 15 minute walk to the top that winds up the side of a mountain. There is also the option of taking an elephant ride to the top. Several of the group want to ride an elephant. I am completely opposed to it. The elephants are treated inhumanely and live in wretched conditions. Its so sad. Today it depresses me. They are beautiful sensitive creatures who belong in the jungle. There is nothing I can do except voice my opinion to a few people and not take a ride myself. My heart hurts. It turns out that there was an altercation between a tourist and an elephant just prior robots arrival, so the elephants were ‘put away’ for a few hours. None of our group has an opportunity to tide anyway. But the elephants are back in business before we depart. Gee wizzz. No breaks for them.
The rest of the day is a blur of Lassi Walla, more shopping, and another completely insane tuk tuk ride and a huge group dinner then back to the hotel.
The group is a bit worn down from yesterday’s bus ride and apprehension of having to take it back to Delhi again tomorrow.
We also have not had an organized yoga class in a few days. Delays and space have not allowed. It is starting to show on us group of physical asana junkies. This group of yogis is practicing another kind of yoga involving extreme patience, surrender to what ‘is’, and attitude in action. It’s way harder than handstands and backbends!
Tomorrow … Jaipur- Delhi- Varanasi. Bring it!!
God bless the elephants, please. Thank you.

– YogiPod posting from India using iPhone


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