Everywhere Prayers

Feb 24
This morning the last intense travel push…Delhi to Dharmasala.
Hello Himalayas! The view from the plane is breathtaking. The word that comes to mind is MASSIVE.
When China took over Tibet, and many fled or were exiled, India welcomed the Tibetans. It is the largest Tibetan settlement outside of Tibet. We are now in Buddhist country. the Dalai Lama lives here. We can see his house from our hotel. Our hotel is run by the Dalai Lama’s sister. Super unbelievable wow!
Th contrast of landscape, the look of people, religious ritual and practice, vegetation, population density, and general personality of different states and cities in India is dramatic. The Ganges to the Himalayas in two days. It’s almost too much for my senses to process. I’m loving it but I am pretty zapped tired. The crisp mountain air should be just the right thing for me. strong asana classes are also hugely helpful.
We are high up in the foothills of the mountains. The road up here is all hair pin curves and sheer drop offs. Super intense. And it’s cold! The air and energy here is crystal clear and hums with compassion. Monks and nuns in the traditional red robes are everywhere as are Tibetan prayer flags. They are strung up in peoples’s cars, in restaurants, in the street, in the trees high up the mountain. It’s an incredible sight. Prayers are everywhere!

Psyched to stay in one place for a few days. PEACE!

– YogiPod posting from India using iPhone


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