Homeward Bound

Feb 28 – Mar 1
Wake up in Dharmsala. Before leaving here I visit the Dalai Lama Temple. The story of the Tibetan people has had tremendous impact on me. I will come here again, hopefully with members of my family to show them this place and to continue to help preserve the amazing spiritual culture of Tibetan Buddhism. It is important.
So now the travel begins. Next stop Delhi, where I spend a boring nine hours sitting for the most part in one coffee shop (I can’t believe I am saying this, but a person can only drink so much coffee before it’s boring) because we cant get unto the Int’l concourse until 3 hrs before our flight. Glad to have time for one more Indian meal…Yellow Dal, Paratha bread, and a sweet Lassi. I really love the Indian food. My 15 hour flight is at 11:30pm. Yawn! The flight is packed full and my seat seems to be in the middle of the screaming child nursery. Its claustrophobic, uncomfortable, and loud. Its weird flying for 15 hours and covering 10,000 miles. I can not imagine doing it without meditation and mantra. Really, I don’t know how people do it. I literally sit for an hour at a time and chant internally wwearning an eye mask, neck pillow and covered with a blanket. Its a sleep cocoon but i am not officially asleep. I alternate this with watching movies. And it is still a difficult journey. So I get through that 24 hour part of the trip. Have one hour in Newark to claim bags, clear customs, and get on the last leg of the journey to Miami. It is nice to be on US soil. Nice to get a Starbucks –obviously over the Delhi crankiness. And now I’m in the air again headed to Miami to stay with my mom for a few days. Tomorrow I hook up with the Anusara kula for the last day of the Advanced Intensive then the Maha Shivaratri celebratory teachings and practices with John Friend, Douglas Brooks, Sianna Sherman, and Amy Ipolliti. I am blessed with yoga friends and teachers and my mom to support my re-entry from the journey in India. I head home to Fairhope Sunday. I’m excited to see how this experience processes and how I take what all I have seen and learned and weave it into family, home, work, and social life. I cant wait to see Burke and the doggies and my sister and her babies!
Thanks again Lord for this amazing life. Amen. Om. Namah shivaya. Mani padme om. PEACEPEACEPEACE.

– YogiPod posting from India using iPhone

Location:Friendly Skies

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