Our Luckiest Day in Buddha Country

We take the heart of the mountain into our own hearts as we leave Dharamsala today. On the way out of McLeod Ganj, there is a flurry at the entrance to Dalai Lama Temple. He is on his way ‘home’. People line the street on both sides as we leave the village. A quarter way down, our cars pull over per police direction. Outside the cars we cross the street in just enough time to make way for the motorcade. In a flash the Dalai Lama passes in his car and waves to us. Giddy. Star Struck. Elated. Just plain Happy Buddha. We are SO lucky. I can’t believe it! To see His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala is really a dream come true.
By 9pm we have arrived back in Delhi. We visit my friend Inni Singh at Delhi Music Store where the group buys 3 more harmoniums. We are a group of 8 carrying a total of 4 harmoniums. Beautiful Music!! We are totally a band. Currently we’re on a bus to a one night hotel near the New Delhi Railway Station and head to Rishikesh for the yoga festival tomorrow.
I haven’t mentioned that I have been sick with ‘Delhi belly’ since Norbulingka 5 days ago. The violent worst part only lasted for 12 hours but the last 4 days has been a strict diet of banana lassi, toast, and plain rice. My stomach can’t handle anything else. The good part is that I feel ‘cleansed’ and ready for 5 days of yoga and singing. Love & Peace to All. Om mani padme hum.
P.S. The photo of H.H. Dalai Lama was taken by William Gilbert who is traveling with our group.

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