On Not Teaching Yoga

Life is an Adventure!

I continue to receive messages from folks looking for my public teaching class schedule. For the record, I joyfully report that I am on a teaching ‘Sabbatical’ and spending some quality time in my home away from home, New Orleans.

It feels a little bit strange to not be teaching a regularly scheduled public yoga class. It is the first time in nearly seven years that I have taken more than a week off from doing it.

This break has been utterly restorative. It is giving me fresh perspective on my reasons and intentions for practicing and teaching yoga.  In a nutshell it is that yoga provides a relief from suffering.

Until there is no suffering, I will continue practicing and teaching yoga to the best of my abilities, in the context of perpetually evolving life.

I am still meeting with private clients and working with folks in therapeutic and restorative applications of yoga. I really enjoy working one on one. sharing yoga in this format, I feel like I am really helping people identify with good practice techniques  for relief from the individualistic physical pains that we all suffer. This teaching break has also been a great opportunity and time for me to re-commit to my studentship and finish the Therapeutic Anatomy training with Leslie Kaminoff.

Combining my love of the Classical Ashtanga Primary Series with training in therapeutic yoga (which, believe it or not really can integrate well), this Summer I am excited to present a workshop at The University of South Alabama Recreation Center in Mobile. And then there’s the retreat to Jamaica in September. All of the info for these events is on the website. One thing not yet posted on the website is a Fall one-day retreat at Camp Beckwith, Saturday October 26. Be sure to save the date for that.

I am enjoying being more active on Twitter (@yogabirds), Facebook, Instagram (@melaniebuffett), and sometimes Vine. If you’re on any of those platforms. I’d love to connect and keep in touch while I explore life outside of Fairhope and the yoga studio for a while.

Wishing you all the best Summer ever. And of course PEACE LOVE & YOGA!
xoxo Melanie

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10 Replies to “On Not Teaching Yoga”

  1. Kudos to you Melanie! On a much smaller level I can relate. I haven’t taught regularly since having Mays 3 yrs ago and it has been perspective shifting to truly be a student again. Keep on keeping on!

  2. I am so glad to hear you are doing well – thanks for keeping us posted on your activities. Best of luck in your new ventures!

  3. Om. Time in personal practice can reveal our true nature that remains cloaked by ego. Embrace this gift of universal connection. Few ever get the time to remember the practice of the eight limbs is a search for bliss. Joining those whom travel in the freedom to “be” is a divine gift. It is a road less traveled. Namaste

  4. I understand. Today is my last day to teach publicly (except a few sub classes). One of the most difficult decisions I have made. the feeling is do strange snd foreign yo me. have never had time for freedom to be with ME! Hoping to learn, breathe more calmly, and enjoy each day as it was meant to be – a gift. My blessed wishes to you, Melanie. You have such a kind heart and beautiful spirit -always an inspiration to me. I will always remember what my wise teacher, Devananda, told me, “Until it becomes fun, better left undone.” Rumi. Namaste, Agnes

  5. Hi Melanie,
    I only took a few classes with you but you really are one of those special teachers that make everyone feel peaceful and filled with good energy all at once. What a gift that is! Good luck in whatever your do but I feel you were made to teach yoga.

  6. I think this is great. It really is nice to take a step back from teaching. Since Ripley came along, I have not been teaching as much and it really makes me LOVE the classes I do teach. Here’s to taking care of YOU! 🙂

  7. Many Blessings Melanie! I totally understand. I have retired from teaching school. Today in fact is my first day unemployed!So many things are shifting. I do miss our classes! Hope to see you soon.
    Namaste’ 🙂

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