Eucalyptus Steam Room Bliss

40 Days of Young Living Essential Oils
40 Days of Young Living Essential Oils

Hey friends and aromatherapy enthusiasts! It’s Day 5 of the series 40 Days of Young Living Essential Oils.  If you’re just hopping on board, have a look at the prior posts at I admit it, I DID skip yesterday, but it was Sunday and I rested. And technically there are 47 days in Lent, so I have a few ‘off days’ for keeping my Lenten commitment.

Anywhoo… today I am highlighting Young Living’s Eucalyptus radiata oil.

Steam Room Bliss
Steam Room Bliss

Mondays are my day to workout. I teach yoga, indoor cycling (and starting this week, Pilates—YAY—another blog post on that soon to come) almost every day of the week. I cherish my personal workout times. Part of my ritual is going into the steam room afterwards. I love the high level of sweating and detoxifying the steam gives as well as the head clearing effects of breathing in the steam. Adding the therapeutic grade eucalyptus oil to the experience enhances it and takes it to a whole new level of physical head and nasal clarity and transformation. I can not believe how cleansed I feel and how well I can breathe afterwards! If you don’t have access to a steam room, you can also get the same effects of using the oil in a very steamy shower.

Several folks contacted me over the weekend inquiring where to purchase the oils. If you’re interested in buying oils please see the post from Day 4: How To Purchase Young Living Essential Oils. You can also reach out to me via email at

In Peace, Health and Scented Bliss,
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