Yoga 101

Yoga 101 is a 2.5 hour Saturday afternoon workshop. This workshop will demystify yoga for the new student. Students will learn building blocks for practicing 30 essential yoga poses. Time is also devoted to introducing basic yogic breathing with awareness. This workshop prepares new students for flowing and faster paced classes. Also beneficial to give deeper insight of alignment in an already established practice. Participants must be able to move up and down from the floor to standing without assistance. BEGINNER LEVEL. 2.5 HRS. Registration available online.


I am New, What Class is Appropriate for Me?

If you’re new to yoga or its been a while since you’ve practiced, we highly recommend starting your practice with a few months of Foundations of Yoga classes or a Yoga 101 workshop where you will learn and practice the basics of yoga in a slow paced class format. Focus is given to establishing a strong foundation through standing poses and abdominal strengthening. This is a great introduction to yoga. It is also a good preparation for more advanced work in flowing yoga.