My iPod consistently and dependably serves me yoga teachings. Because Point Clear currently is lacking public yoga classes I do have a dedicated home practice. But sometimes it’s too much of a challenge to conjure up the inner guru for a full juicy home classs. On my iPod (affectionately named YogiPod) one of the genres is ‘Yoga Classes.’ I can always get my fix of star teachers and their live ‘unplugged’ classes. It’s pretty cool. Mind you, this is no substitue for the ‘real thing,’ but I am grateful for my ‘imaginary friends Kula.’ In the last year since focusing primarily on Anusara yoga, I benefit greatly from a yoga class pod cast produced by Hillary Rubin who ROCKS. It’s almost as good as being on North Fairfax in West Hollywood. BIG gratitude for the work she is doing.

Today I am on the road–New Orleans for a night of Jazz Festing. And tomorrow to my husband’s 20th high school reunion in New England.

The YogiPod will certainly provide a sanctuary in the present day total mayhem that airports have become. And I will continue my search for a guru in the not so obvious places.

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