Kirtan Happens

Birdsong brings relief to my longing. RUMI

The first incarnation of the Yoga Birds Kirtan Choir just happened at the studio! A huge thanks to all who participated.  It was a sincere endeavor into the unification of breath, voice, tone, vibration, and mantra. We did breathing and simple movement exercises to warm up the body. We did humming and singing long tones supported by the harmonium for vocal warm ups. The highlight was singing a complete song, Ganesha Sharanam, in traditional call and response Kirtan with harmonium accompaniment. All judgements about our voices and  blockages to the harmonious radiant inner Self were dissolved by breathing well and singing the words and melodies. It was so good! For me in kirtan, the real magic happens in the potent silent spaces between songs. The high vibration created by the voices and music is a tangible slice of the transformative powers of bhakti yoga. 
We are vibration and we are all one.
We will be doing it again next Sunday.

Press ‘play’ on the video above to sing Ganesha Sharanam kirtan with Jai Uttal.

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