Basil Oil

Day 2: Basil Oil
Day 2: Basil Oil

So here we are at Day 2 of 40 Days of Young Living Essential Oils!

And, yes, I am counting yesterday’s intro as Day 1. Today I am highlighting Basil Oil which I use everyday in a shower spritzer that I make. The scent immediately sends a message to my brain to wake up. It has become a ritual that I look forward to every  morning upon rising. The spritzer is a mix of distilled water and YLEO Basil Oil.

A Few Interesting Bits About Basil Oil:

  • In old folklore tales, basil  was considered by the ancient Greeks as the ‘king of plants’  and was used to anoint kings.
  • It is also said to have aphrodisiac qualities and was used by Italian women to attract possible suitors—well who knew?!? 🙂
  • Historically basil oil has been used for respiratory problems, digestive and kidney ailments, insect and snake bites, fevers, and malaria.

My first experience with basil oil was in a yoga class 10 years ago. The teacher came around in final relaxation pose with the scented oil on her hands and gave me a very nice and gentle head and neck adjustment. The aroma opened up a whole new dimension to my breath and my practice giving a heightened sense of clarity. At first I thought the oil was exotic but when I discovered it was basil, I was surprised because it is so common in kitchens and gardens. I have been interested in the many properties and uses for basil oil ever since then.

Ways I Have Used Basil Oil:

  • in a diffuser with success for help alleviating migraine headaches.
  • inhaling the scent  to ‘wake up’ and  motivate to teach fitness classes when I feel mentally fatigued.
  • one drop in my favorite smoothie recipe: pineapple, banana, spinach and almond milk.
  •  one drop in scrambled eggs. It totally adds another dimension to the flavor and aroma of these quick meals.

For me, YLEO Basil Oil is a ‘must-have’ oil. My most recent experiments with using the oil in cooking is super exciting. I might actually be a foodie after all!

I will keep you posted on other ways I use the oil. If you are using Basil Oil in your daily routine or in your house, please share your experiences in the comment section below. Also, please ‘Like’ the Yoga Birds Facebook Page and Follow Yoga Birds on Twitter. I love being in touch with you all!

Until tomorrow….

Peace, Health, and Scented Bliss,

Melanie Buffett

Young Living Distributor #1572095

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